How to troubleshoot if Alexa unable to connect with Wi-Fi

Amazon Alexa is one of the most amazing devices that become popular among so many people. Alexa is a virtual assistant device that can do many things for you at a time. It helps to make your life easy up to a great extent. The common things that your Alexa can do for you include play your favorite music, manage your shopping list, turn off-on lights and fans, provides you the latest weather news updates, set reminders & alarms and a lot more. Although Alexa is a very efficient device, people may encounter issues while connecting it with the Wifi Network. If you need assistance to connect Alexa to Wifi, then you can directly contact the experts for help. The guidance provided by the technicians will surely resolve your issues. 

Steps to troubleshoot if Alexa unable to connect with Wi-Fi

Here are some of the solutions that help you to fix the issue if your Amazon Alexa device is unable to connect with Wifi. 

Restart both devices modem & router

If you manually restart both Modem and Router, then connect the Alexa with the available Wifi network will help to resolve the issue. It is the best way to fix the connectivity issue of your Alexa device. 

Check the Wifi Password

Before entering the Wifi password, make sure that you have entered the correct password. The connectivity problem can be arises due to wrong login credentials. 

Place your Alexa closer to Router 

Sometimes the problem of connectivity arises due to the range of your Wifi network. If your Router is placed far away from Alexa, it may create connectivity issues. So, it is always advised to place your Router closer to your Alexa. 

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