Make a call with Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the most interesting and exciting devices that has gained popularity among so many people. It offers top-notch features to the customers. Alexa can do ample things for you every day such as play your favorite music, provide your latest weather news, manage your daily shopping list. Turnoff-on lights and fans, control your smart home and a lot more. Calls with the help of your Alexa-powered device are easy to do and you can say that it is a perfect way to avoid missing your important calls. If you need assistance related to Alexa App for Windows 10, you may contact the experts instantly. The professionals are providing exclusive services to customers. To get the best guidance associated with Alexa, you can take the help of professionals.

Steps to make a call with Amazon’s Alexa

Open the Alexa App on your device
If you want to make calls with the help of Amazon Alexa, then open the Alexa App on your mobile. Tap on the menu and select the option ‘Things to Try’ and on that page, select ‘Calling’. 

Provide Access of Your Contacts to Alexa
In the Alexa app, just open the Communicate tab by clicking on the Communicate button. In case you have not, you have not done this already, then the Alexa app will ask you for access to your contacts. Press ‘OK’ to provide access to your contacts.
In case you want to use the app to make calls directly from mobile, you can perform this from the screen. Choose the contact that you want to call, and then the call should begin.

Talk to the Echo Device
Make calls with the Echo device. You can start it by using a simple phrase like ‘Alexa, make a call’. Your Amazon Echo device will respond and asking whom you want to talk to.

If you find yourself stuck while downloading the Alexa for windows 10, you may directly contact the experts for help. We have technicians who are always ready to help you and resolve the queries in a minimum possible time. Our professionals are providing 24/7 hour assistance to the customers, do not hesitate to approach our technicians. The solutions provided by our experts will surely help you in any way. We have a well-trained team of experts who are known to most of the issues related to Alexa. Get the best Alexa Tech support services from us today!

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