How to Reset echo dot for 1st and 2nd generation

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that catches the attention of many people. It is a device that makes the lives of people extremely easy as it provides remarkable features. The company has designed the device by using the latest technology. You Alexa device can do many things such as play your favorite music, set reminders as well as alarms, provide you the latest weather news updates, turn off-on lights and fans and a lot more. If you want to know how to Setup Echo Dot, then you may take the help of professionals. Our team members are highly experienced so they will provide you solutions in a minimum possible time.

Although the Alexa device is known for its excellent performance, still you may face technical glitches while using it. If you want to get rid of the Amazon Alexa issues, you can reset the Alexa device. 

Steps to Reset echo dot for 1st Gen

  • You need Press & hold the reset button present on the Echo Device by using a paperclip
  • Clench it until the light on the Echo device turns orange and then into blue color.
  • The light will get turned off and on again. As soon as it gets turned on it will show the orange color ring. It clearly indicates that the device has entered into a setup mode
  • You can now open the Alexa App on your mobile phone.
  • Connect the device with the Wi-Fi and then register to the Amazon account.

Steps to Reset echo dot for 2nd Gen

There is a microphone & volume down button available on the for Echo Dot 2nd Gen.

  • To reset the Echo device, you need to press the Microphone & volume down button together.
  • Hold the buttons for a while until the lights on the Echo device will turn orange and blue.
  • You can wait, when it gets turned off and then on again. 
  • The orange color ring that shows the device enters into a setup mode.
  • Download the Amazon Alexa App on your device and open it. 
  • Now you need to follow all the on-screen standard procedure accurately to setup the Echo Dot.

If you need assistance for Amazon Alexa Dot setup, then you may contact our professionals. We have a perfect team of technicians who are providing 24*7 hour assistance. The guiding steps provided by our experts are easy to implement & understand. For any confusion or queries, do not hesitate to contact with our professionals. Pick up your mobile and dial our helpline number today!

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